Thursday, February 15, 2007

Saloon layout – work in progress

I drew this layout up tonight; our current assignment in Digital Painting is to do a tonal and colour version of an interior. I thought it would be better to colour one I designed myself, so voila. I thought a saloon would be fun, since I have done the barn thang already.

Also, our storyboarding and layout assignment will revolve around a Western theme, so hopefully I can actually use this in there as well.

I'll post when I have this baby all toned up real nice.
[I am speaking like a cowboy, it's sad really.]


mme blueberry said...

Excellent! Do I recognize the bull horns and fixture from home??? I didn't see the wanted posters, tho!!
Can't wait for this rip-roarin' rootin'-tootin' spur-jangling story to start!! Yeehaw!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Sheesh, I should get you to be my prop assistant, Mme Blueberry! And yes...I knew you'd recognize the bull horns :)

tamzeo said...

How fun! So, did you go hang out in a saloon to get "inspired"?