Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here is the saloon layout I previously posted... I toned it up in Digi Paint class on Friday. I think this is pretty much the feel I want. I definitely want the focus to be the saloon doors; hence the greatest contrast there.

I am excited to start the colour version, as then I can begin to play with textures and such. Mike [our prof] gave me the tip of putting the most detail on the elements in the foreground, and then less detail as you work back.

ie. Most detail on the bottle on the table in the lower right corner, much less detail on the clock on the wall. Then your eye will be led to the doors, where it should be.

Sounds simple....but we shall see! I tend to paint in Photoshop for ever and ever and ever and ever... sometimes I wish you couldn't undo - like in real painting! I'd be able to move on much quicker. :)


mme blueberry said...

Love the light coming in the batwing doors!
Had a thought re:more important foreground details; it would be significant for many observers (me anyway) if the cards thrown on the bartop were 2 aces and 2 eights. That's known in poker as "the deadman's hand", in honor of Wild Bill Hickok, who was holding those cards when he was fatally shot from behind in a Deadwood N.D. saloon!!

Brad said...

Very nice!

While you can't go wrong with the Deadman's Hand, I'd also recommend going with a 7 and a 2, which is often called the Brad Hunt Special at the Buhler-Versatile poker night!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Mme Blue and BHu! [haha, my friends names are fun]

I shalt keep those hands in mind for the final colour key.....hmmmmm.....

Or what about a full house? Oh wait - I guess they didn't play much Yahtzee back in the ol' Western days.

Tams said...

What about a pair of 5's...GO FISH!