Monday, March 12, 2007

Gamblin' in Grover Gulch....storyboard

I finally stopped for a few minutes so I could post this puppy... our storyboard assignment that was due today. [Luckily the due date was pushed back from Friday, ack!!!]

This assignment differed from last term's, in that we had to board a scene/sequence in a story, rather than an entire story. [phew!] Still, it took a while. This board may have been slightly shorter, but we were required to do waaaaaaaaaayyyy more research.

We had to choose between 3 themes - Western, Medieval, Victorian.
I chose Medieval.
Just kidding....just checking to see who actually reads my jabber!!

No, to my parent's avail, I chose Western. [Thanks Mom for the story idears!!]
And we had to include a stagecoach.
Stinkin' stagecoach, like THAT'S easy to draw!

Anyhoo, enough ramble...I gotta start my clean-up animation due Thursday.

Git along, little doggy.


Lea said...

Wow Stace! What a lot of work! I'm impressed! I'm working at your old stomping grounds and Ise a-like it!

mme blueberry said...

Totally fantastic! Blackie and Lucy are SO perfect!! Love the sheriff,too...once again you amaze!!!
Thought at first you might have used a barrel racing horse, but can you see Blackie barrel racing???More like BEING one of the barrels, eh!!! Ha ha!
Can't wait to see the rest of the story!! Yee-haw!!

Tamzeo said...

Wow. The Amazing Stace once again... Seriously, this is amazing.

The horses and stagecoach were unbelievable. The names were great. Crooked Tooth Gap: Fab.

And the overall Victorian theme was simply stunning. :)

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Guyzers! SO much! Your loverly comments keep me drawing, really they do!! :)

And Tamzeo - I am glad you appreciated the Victorian theme! I knew you would :)

csteingart said...



Stacey Chomiak said...

Tanks Tophs!