Monday, March 5, 2007

Testing the waters.

I randomly drew this chick one evening last week...I have been dying to try out these watercolour pencil crayon thingers I got.... so here's my first experiment.

She's kinda downtrodden.
And has attitude.
Her name is Jordyn.

I think these should be fun for future caffe drawings, just to block in some quick colour and get a nice watercolour-y look. Without the whole half hour set up of the paints. [Bonus!]

I'm still getting used to how they work and blend, but it's fun to keep changing up the media and not just stick with JUST a col-erase....or JUST a tablet either.


Although I wouldn't say no to one uh them Cintiq's.....whoo baby....
Oops, I'm drooling.

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