Monday, May 28, 2007

Bike Rack Shlackin' Flack, Daddy Mac

So for this post I gotta give muchos props to my grand pal, Tamzeo! She emailed me the info of this open-call thinger for all artists in Winnipeg... [cue background info]

The Winnipeg Downtown Biz asked any or all artists to design up to 5 different bike rack designs for one of our famed downtown streets - Broadway. They said they will choose up to 3 different designs and then reproduce them into steel bike racks for placement on Broadway, and perhaps the rest of the city thereafter. They provided templates and asked for simple line drawings. They also asked us to keep "Broadway" in mind for the designs.

What's in it fer moi?

Well, yes, perhaps the chance at having a sketch of mine reproduced in steel and sitting on Broadway appeals to me.... but also the possibility of a $1500 honorarium sounded good to me! Tuition money, mmmm-hmm.

So...who knows if what I thought of is ANYTHING what they want or not, but it was pretty easy [by Sheridan standards] and a grand reward if anything comes of it. Here's the designs I dropped off today.

This one was a general Winnipeg thang: mosquito. [And all the Wpg peeps say AMEN!]

Fishing. It's big in Manitoba. Yep.

Jazz Festivals, often outdoor in the summer on Broadway. Can't wait!

Need I explain this one??

Every good street needs a cartoony-type train engine. 'Sides, there's a flippin' huge train station at the end of Broadway.


Brad said... can actually turn the bike rack from, well.....a bike rack to something cool and fun. It kinda makes me wish I hadn't turned down that job designing bike racks and carpet rolls in Arborg. Oh wait....not quite.

Brad said...

Oh...and props to a great title.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Tanks, BHu!

Shack attack is back.

[There are too many 'ack' words!]

Tamzeo said...

These are fab!! I am only happy to pass on the opportunity and hope you get the dough. As Loreal says, because you're worth it.

Stacey Chomiak said...

I love that I am compared to a hair products company!

Maybe I should flip my hair in the sunlight more often. Oh wait – it's too short.

Brad said...

Two words - extensions.

Also...the more and more I look at these (bored day at work) the more and more I appreciate the one with the fish. Good job...high five!