Thursday, May 3, 2007

Serendipitous Server

Here's a quick sketch from my quick jaunt to New York City. My dad flew down to TO and we drove an easy 8-ish hours to the Lincoln Tunnel, where you emerge on the other side in another world. The Big Apple World, that is. I love it! It was my third visit...and each time I love it more.

Almost the most favorite of mine is the people there. The diversity of the people is so incredible, I love it! I wish I could take a week's vacation and just sit and draw the droves of people that walk by the busy BUSY streets. Ah, maybe one day :)

This time though, I convinced my dad to slow down a BIT more so I could at least release a smidge of creative energy. This gem of a lady was a walking caricature! I hope to colour her up and redo the linework, but here's my quick sketch. She's the manager from one of my fav eatery's in Manhattan - Serendipity [from the film of the same name].

I was hardly exaggerating this drawing either!!!
Gotta love peeps :)
More fun and crazy New Yorkian sketches to come.


Brad said...

You should have got her phone number for me!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Next time, DEFINITELY!