Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Caricatures, Round 2!

This was the second time doing caricatures this summer, and I forgot how tiring it is! My church here in the Peg, Soul Sanctuary, put on their annual Father's Day car show & shine, and they asked me to do caricatures during the festivities.

Of course I welcomed the opportunity!! Bring on da peeps. Goodness KNOWS I can use the practice. Can I git an AMEN?

It was my second "real" time doing caricatures for a solid couple of hours, and it was super fun! And rather tiring, but that didn't kick in until later that evening. I managed to do 18 peeps in 2 hours... I don't think I stopped once! Fun times! :)

Here are some of my favs!

A lovely lady whom I enjoyed drawing! Especially her hair.

I just met this guy, Chris. He was fun to draw more cartoony!

Chris larger.

Leanne and her wonderfully flowy hair!

I liked her freckles!

My pal Brad and his beard, pondering life.

A fun couple to draw! I loved Francis' many earrings and spikey hair.

A closer view.

Moi drawing my pal Jayme avec her pal! Yes, I am wearing a fedora. Hats make me draw better.

The happy friends!

This couple was grand to draw!

The grand couple :)

Brown-eyed girl!

Lauren in cartoon form!

My pal, Leanne, she waited so patiently in line!

This is Lionel, he was one of my most favs to draw!

Zoomed in Lionel.

Moi drawing Cheryl, good times!

Cheryl finished.


Tammy said...

They are all fabulous. All of them. Wow.

Brad said...

So many awesome caricatures! And some really fun ones, too. I'm a bit disappointed, though, as I was going to request a caricature (request???? or DEMAND!) for my birthday...and since this one looks more like me than I do, I suppose I no longer have said request. (Perhaps I should request a drawing of me putting the giant furry orangutan in a headlock while a Takin bites my bum from behind and lifts me into the air all while the old man on the bench just sits there and watches us. All four of us would then climb into my jalopy and go for ice cream...and maybe we'd stop by your place to pick you up for some frosty treats.)