Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Royal Winter Fair 2007!

This year was really great! The fair is always fun, despite the crowded crowds, freezing fingers and allergies going haywire....! I tried to approach this year with more fun, caricature stuff, trying to capture more the animal's personalities rather than just the anatomy.

BUT, it's easier said than done!! You have to really know the structure before you can properly distort it! Therefore I feel today as I always do after a day at the fair.... I wish we could have a week there! I just get warmed up [not literally however] and then it's time to go.

I do always stretch myself, learn lots, and this time, even used lotsa watercolours. Yay! Here's my highlights from today.

These guys made us laugh, they reminded me of bandits with their ill-fitting head coverings.

This farmer seriously DID have a sheep on his hat. Classic.

I barely even exaggerated these guys!

Cows are just good clean fun to draw. Hmm, maybe not clean.

I couldn't resist. I love llamas!


Miss V said...


I LOVE your lllllllama. So awesome. Very, like, peaceful. You kind of expect it to braid your hair whilst you listen to the ethereal strumming of a mad-genius guitarrista.

Alternatively, I think it's very funny to think of a llama having a big fat hissy fit.

"Who you callin' Lllama? Yo mama!"


By the way, Chomperina, as always I think your drawrings are wicked.

As are you.

Big hi, big hug, lotsa love,


Stacey Chomiak said...

V-Girl! You too kind, Girlie!

I am glad you enjoyed the lllllama! That makes it ALL worth it! I love your mad-genius visual :)

Great to hear from you Girlie!! Thanks for checking out my humble sketches!

LeMark said...

great job!! love the caricatures.

csteingart said...

Awesome post chomps! Those drapery folds in the first one are dope, that llama rocks the hiz-ouse. Dooooope.


Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks muchos boyzers!!

The llama is definitely gettin' the popular vote! :)

Brad said...

Why do birds hate you?

Stacey Chomiak said...

Well, THESE birds just seemed plain angry!

Hey, I draw what I see. :)