Thursday, December 6, 2007

An oxy-moron?

I must give props to DQ for that title... he thought of that name for our group film, and kept bringing it up - however, I agree it is quite clever!

Tomorrow is our group character design is due - but our individual take on it. The assignment is to take a pose of the main character from our group storyboard [props to Brock for a great pose!], clean it up with our own style-ish additions, and colour the pose.

Here's my version of our oxy-moron! [I tried to do an Emslie-ish line, but it ain't easy by hand! I don't know how ya do it, Pete!]


Pete Emslie said...

Though I can see some minor shakiness to the line in some spots, overall you've got some nice control of your thick and thin line weight, Stacey. It's definitely not easy inking with a brush. I've been at it for over 30 years now, but I remember how difficult it was early on to gain some control over it. A good brush is also essential to do it right. Although it may seem expensive, a Winsor Newton sable series 7 is a great investment, as it will last a long time with proper care. I use a #2 size for most of my work.

I like your colour rendering of the ox. Because of the blue body and the stylized flowing lines, it almost looks like a new transformation for Genie in "Aladdin" and is certainly very appealing to the eye. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished group film!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Hey thanks for the tips, Pete! I will definitely have to check out that brush... I was wondering which one you preferred most, and it IS Christmas coming up.... :)

You're right, the ox is kinda Genie-ish, now that I look at it! As usual, thanks for the comments Pete, they're always appreciated!