Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Group film thus far

Here's the latest leica reel we screened at school on Tuesday.
And our narrator Allen is awesome - he was one of the voices on Babar, he rules!

Comments? Questions? Observations??


Pete Emslie said...

Well, it's certainly changed quite a bit from the original leica I saw. I agree that it is stronger now with the greater emphasis on the ox, and there's some really nice personality drawing in your storyboards. But I do wonder whether you guys will be able to finish it by end of year. That running time of more than 4 minutes makes me very nervous and I think you need to pare it down somehow.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Yes I totally agree Pete! I definitely am making notes for my film next year, it's been a great learning experience.

I too am nervous about the 4.5 minute time length... we have been working with DQ to try to cut it down and I hope we can do it moreso to get it closer to 4 minutes!