Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cooking with Colour...

So these past couple weeks in life drawing, we have been doing costumes with colour... something that is much trickier than it looks!

Colour is definitely a fine art. You should be able to get a Bachelor of Colour. I think they should offer that. Yes, I definitely aspire to be a Colourologist. Mmm-hmm, yes, one day.

Well, here's what I've been cooking up the past couple weeks.... still a loooong way to go, but I am having fun, trying to loosen up a lot more and just throw down colours and see what happens!


aleash said...

looking good stace! i think you are on ur way to becoming a colourologist lol

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Aleash!! :)

Anonymous said...

The flapper lady with the feather boa ROCKS my SOCKS!

I kind of want to hear all her gossip while I buy her a million martoonies.

You is good draw-er. You colour awesome-like. Goood colour! (Decongestants make Vanessa inarticulate.)

Your fan,

Pete Emslie said...

Hi Stacey,

Judging from these samples, it looks like you're concentrating mostly on tonal value. However, I'd suggest also thinking in terms of warm and cool in addition to light and dark. For example, rather than picking out the highlights in the flesh tones or in the fabrics with the white pastel only, try introducing some yellow ochre to describe the warmth of the light. Save the white for only the more intense highlights on top of your warm colours.

Likewise, perhaps use some blue or violet in the shadowed areas to suggest the relative cool away from the light. Even some blue in the reflected light on the edge of the shadowed areas will benefit the drawing. I'm no expert on colour theory, though, and you may want to seek out Tim or Mike's advice on these sketches too.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Hey Pete and Vanessa, thanks for your comments!

Vanessa - SO true with the boa lady - I could SO see you guys gabbing! :)

Pete - thanks for your colour advice, I am ALWAYS open for critiques and suggestions, especially when it comes to the world of colour. I feel like the more I learn, the more I feel like I don't know!

Definitely, Mike and Tim are great Colourologists, I should ask them as well! :)