Saturday, June 14, 2008

Paint therapy

I find when I am just feeling blah, that some easy therapy is my good ol' paints. There's something about mushing around acrylics on a canvas and seeing the different colours meld together...who needs therapists? I say, colour therapy can heal wonders :)

This is something that is the result of my Colour Therapy 101 from today. No plans, no expectations, no pressures.

Regardless of how the end product turned out....I should definitely do it more often.

[If you can't tell, it's the age-old tale of a music band and 2 canoers.]

**UPDATE JULY 22.08: I just wanted to add to this post that a friend of mine saw this painting and loved it so much she asked if she could buy it from me. It's funny because I never saw it as anything more than a stress relief, and I was actually planning on painting over it. JUST goes to show you that you never know the impact your art may have to someone else, when you have disregarded it, especially when it's created in honesty.

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Judi said...

The colors make it feel like this would have a happy ending! I'd love to read the story! Does it end."...and, voices blending in a sweetly melodic refrain, they paddled gently into the sunset..."??