Monday, September 15, 2008

Craft paper concepts pour moi Story

So I pitched my current film concept today for my mentor Barry, and a few fellow 4th years, and I got some great crits/idears - thanks Guys! This will definitely continue to morph and change, but I'd like to get to the leica reel stage earlier than later so I can work with the timing of the music and such.

ANYhooooo, getting ahead of me-self.

For the pitch today, I decided to do something totally different and dragged out my scissors and craft paper. It was fun - I was back in grade 2! Ah, the good ol' days. And a nice change from the constant it forced me to think of basic shapes, silhouettes, contrasting elements, etc.

Read below each panel to get an idear of where my story is now. Stay tuned for the changes to come!

Open with EXT shot of farm; broken music notes emanating from a large willow tree.

Cross dissolve to INT shot of farmer playing his cello. Badly. All broken/sour notes are coming out from the cello, but farmer loves to play anyway.

Follow broken notes to bug up in the corner of the room - he is disgruntled, as he is just trying to enjoy his meal and cannot eat in peace with all the sour notes.

Bug decides to take matters into his own hands, flies down to the farmer's cello and begins to pick the strings to show him how to play properly.

Man notices bug on cello and tries to chase him off - but in the process of chasing the bug he is able to play a beautiful cello solo.

Man realizes that he needs bugs help / good luck to bring out his buried talent of cello genius.

Bug realizes he not only stopped the sour notes, but became the farmer's musical mentor. He can now eat in peace! He does a 4-legged "Tah-dah!"

------- iris out -------

That's it for now - comments and crits always welcomed and appreciated! I will continue to post updates as the story evolves in the coming days/weeks.

[Side note: Working title for this short is "Tah-dah!"]


QuinnEE said...

WOW! WOW! WOW!!! Did I say WOW?! Absolutely wonderful. Your story had me at "Tah Dah". Lookin' forward to watching the story unfold.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Merci buckets! Thanks QuinnE....I am looking forward to working on it so it unfolds the way I have it in my head...that's a challenge in itself! :)