Friday, March 27, 2009

A finished still from "Tah-Dah"

I honestly feel like I am developing Photoshop Elbow. [in lieu of Tennis Elbow!!]

However, since I am on the almost-last stage of my film, I can deal with this never-ending Photoshop colouring frame by frame! By the end of all this, I will have felt like I ran 14 marathons. With my pencil :)

So here's a finished still from my upcoming film, "Tah-Dah"! I am excited to finally start to see it come to Technicolor life – I have been staring at the grayscale animation and backgrounds for what seems like eons, so this stage is exciting for me!

Stay tuned!


Judi said...

Beautiful work! It invites you into the story! We're so proud of you, Stace! Keep on keeping on; the finish line is in sight! See you in a month!
Love, Mom and Dad

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Mom! Can't wait to see you Guys!

trevor dalmer said...

hey stacey, great stuff here! film looks amazing. i colored my frames in photoshop too.. glad that's over. i especially like ur bug design.. i like his vest/jacket combo. ur films got great style. we'll compare swolen elbows on industry day:)

Stacey Chomiak said...

Hey Trev, thanks for the commment! Oh man, fellow Photoshop painter! I can't wait to see your final film, I'm sure it will be rockin' awesome!