Friday, August 21, 2009

Festivals continue to abound :)

Since getting home from the Feel Good Film Fest at the Egyptian, I have been able to recoop a bit and catch up on some freelance work - sketches to be posted soonly!

In the meantime, a couple updates re: "Tah-Dah" in more film fests!

The AniMazing Spotlight [see image above] has put up a montage of clips of the animated films to be included in their festival at the Egyptian in November - of which I am included, as well as a few friends of mine from Sheridan - yay Sheridan!

Check out the montage of clips here.

Most recently, "Tah-Dah" has also been accepted into two more festivals, bringing the grand total thus far up to 14! Wowza, I am still amazed.

Sept 24 - Oct 1st in Montreal, QC:

I haven't been included in too many in my Canadian homeland just yet, so this one in Quebec was a nice surprise! I was super honored to make the cut [no pun intended], as they chose their Top 100 films from well over 1000 entries. I've never been to Montreal, so I'm really hoping to make it out for this one.

Sept 17 - 19 in Galesburg, Illinois:

I'm not entirely sure what the Black Earth Film Fest all entails, but I am happy to make their short list of films in any case!



congrats again stace! the clip looks cool too.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Aleash!!