Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Paintin' on Wood

This past week I spent enjoyed the gorgeous September weather [strange for Winnipeg!] out in Winnipeg Beach with some family. I got the opportunity to do a couple paintings for an Aunt who had a few pieces of wood she had found and really wanted them painted.

Me, being always up for a challenge involving paint, volunteered to give it a go. [And she may or not have persuaded me with a glass or two of great red wine!] I had a lotta fun painting them, and most of all, she was SUPER happy with them!

It made me want to experiment more with painting on various wood grains, it gives a nice effect to the paint....hmmm....the creative process is ever-ongoing. Perhaps that's what I love most about being an artist, you never stop growing and learning. :)

The first piece was an old oar - here's the sketch I did followed by the final painting:


The second piece was a weather piece of wood about two feet across - here's the sketch followed by the final painting:


The third piece was one she wanted turned into a sign for her place. We were all brainstorming on names, but eventually decided on "Barb's Beachouse".


I thought I would also post this painting that I did on her headboard a couple summers back. She loves all things lighthouses, so that's what I painted on her headboard. Chalk that up to items I never thought I would paint on!



oooooOOOO cool. look at you!!! i love all of them but i totally love the sign! it is awesome and the font is the best!! so fancy!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Aleash! It took me a while to find the right font lol. And then I held my breathe whilst I free-hand painted it, I hoped it would turn out!