Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aloha, "Tah-Dah"!

I have been riding this rollercoaster of wonderfulness ever since graduating in April with my film, "Tah-Dah", and I never could have predicted all the amazing places this film has taken me since then! I am sooooo blessed!

The newest development: I am going to Hawaii!!

Well, the island of Kauai, to be exact. I got invited through the Los Angeles Intl Childrens Film Fest - they are putting on a "Best of Fest" in Kauai, Hawaii, and they asked if they could screen my film there! How could I say no?? More info on the fest is here.

Tams is coming with me, as she put in tons of work to help finish the film, and HELLO its Hawaii! We leave two weeks today! Here are some pics of the island I found, I cannot waaaaaaaaaaait. [They filmed "Jurassic Park" on this island, among other things!]

Sketches of the experience to come :)

2010 UPDATE: If you want to see some of our pics from our amazing Hawaiian adventures, please click on the below links. I recommend EVERYONE trying to make it there at least once in your lifetime!

Album 1
Album 2
Album 3
Album 4

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