Saturday, December 25, 2010

At Christmas, love is all around.

"Across the years, I will walk with you in deep green forests and shores of sand, and when our time on earth is through, in heaven too, I will hold your hand. xoxo"

About a week ago, I found this amazing quote whilst on my searches through the neverending net. It immediately made me think of the amazing woman in my life that I will marry in five short months, and how much she truly means to me.

So, of course, I thought of designing a painting around this quote and surprising her for Christmas. I could only work on it while she was at work, and made sure to clean up all my painting jazz every day before she got home, so she would be none the wiser! I designed it around our bedroom colours, so it could hang above our bed. All the text took me quite a while to paint, but I was very happy to finish in time!! I think it was a success...see pics for proof. :)

The final painting; 12" x 36", acrylic on canvas.

I am in awe at the blessings in my life.
Merry Christmas to one and all!


Anonymous said...

Stace, the surprise absolutely turned out AMAZING! I love the and tams are so great together! I can just sense this true spirit of all that you two are. You are so blessed and the best part is that both of you know it and are led by your blessings. A love like that is rare! I know because I own a love like own I mean take ownership a weird way, when you treat your marriage / spouse as an ownership there is so much more of a sense of responsibility to and affinity for than if it were merely a partnership. When we took our vows, i knew that I wanted Kelly to always know that she was more to me than all things we have, and so It is important to not lose sight of that...remember to wash and wax, give frequent tune ups, and regular maintenance and your relationship will continue to run like a well-oiled machine! Yep, I guess that the butch in me coming out... but you know what I mean! This Christmas, relish in that love...and know that what you have is special!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks so much Trace! It means a lot to us to hear such great words from such an amazing and obviously happily married woman as yourself! We definitely are aware at how much love and blessings we have between us, and look forward to spending each day relishing in that :)