Friday, January 14, 2011

Bowling mishaps.

So, myself and a few friends decided we should go good old-fashioned bowling last Friday - with REAL pins and balls, not just on the Wii! So we ventured out, donned a fresh pair of glowing bowling shoes, and got our 10-pin on!

However, not everyone knew that my middle name was "Gimpy". Yes, Stacey Gimpy Chomiak, that is me! I did my first frame fine, threw the ball down the alley or whatever it's called, but for SOME reason, the next frame, I COMPLETELY forgot how to bowl!

I kept grasping the ball with only 2 fingers, and every time I went to throw it, it just fell out of my hand! Then I topped myself - I accidentally hurled it backwards into the path of this elderly gentleman in the alley next to us... all the while my 3 friends behind me were scared for their lives and YET laughing their heads off!! Tams then yelled "STACE, put your THUMB in the HOLE!!"

Oh. Right. I knew it felt wrong!

I couldn't resist sketching the moment.

I am very glad I could provide a good portion of the entertainment :)
Onto the next adventure! Thanks for a good time Gals!


Ms. J said...

This is hysterical!!!

Stacey Chomiak said...

lol we thought so too! :)