Sunday, November 13, 2011

Back to the Hoverboard!

My posting has been lacking. Life + work has been taking up my focus, and while I have a contrillion idears swimming about in my noggin, I haven't had enough time to get them on paper/screen just yet.

THAT being said.... I made a hoverboard! A friend of mine suggested that I should be Marty [a la Back to the Future] for Halloween, and since those movies are borderline an obsession for me, I wholeheartedly jumped on that train!

The pics are the proof. And now I have a hoverboard and it makes me SO HAPPY. [See above.]

Starting the process... you can see the pic of the hoverboard on my iPad - I just eyeballed it as I painted and hoped for the best!

The finished product on my desk at work - and I won Most Original Costume for my efforts, yay!

I even found the photos online from the first and third movies, as well as the Save the Clock Tower flyer - it's about the details people!

A striking resemblance!!

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