Wednesday, November 23, 2011

There is beauty everywhere.

I walk through Gastown on my way to the studio here in downtown Vancouver twice a day, Monday to Friday. Many of those days, I see people who are just wandering through the streets, wearing the same worn outfit every day. They all tug at my heart, as I become more and more painfully aware that I am fortunate enough to wear a clean, dry and almost new outfit every day, under a warm jacket, carrying a backpack with a lunch, on my way to a job which pays me quite well in the scheme of things.

There is one man in particular who has captured my heart. I usually see him either sitting in Starbucks to warm up as I walk by the window, or slowly making his way up the street, just to keep moving. I believe God is opening my eyes to see true and simple beauty, in that there is such beauty in all of these wandering souls that we so easily pass by and try not to make eye contact.

This morning I walked by him once again, always attempting to look him right in the eyes so I can at least give him a smile. At least acknowledge that he is a beautiful soul, perfectly made by God, and not forgotten like he may feel. I couldn't get him out of my head, so I drew him when I got to work.

I am thankful for him, for walking by him everyday to remind me of my own humanity, and to redefine my definition of beauty.

I will be drawing more often.


Anne Denman said...

That is lovely, thanks.

Stacey Chomiak-Robson said...

Thanks Anne! :)

Rico Jackson said...

Hi there, new to your blog! I love your work!

Stacey Chomiak-Robson said...

Hey Rico, thanks for stopping by! Hope to see you here often!