Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Water, the Hub of Life.

I was asked to be involved in a great campaign called "Art for Water". They got over 100 artists to donate an original piece, and they would all go up on an online catalog, where people could order prints. All the proceeds of the catalog are going to build new wells in countries that are gravely short on clean water.

Anyway, a thumbail of my piece is above... I was inspired by the quote above that I found by an old philosopher. Water is so integral to sustaining any kind of life, and we all take it so for granted here in the West.

Click on my thumbnail to see my page in the catalog, and peruse the many amazing pieces! It would make a great Christmas gift, and a chance to pay it forward  :)

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Worried said...

Hi Stacey,

I have just turned 16 and I am starting to worry about my future with considering colleges and whatnot. I decided to read about what it was like to be in Sheridan College and luckily I stumbled across your article at Reading about your experience has left me inspired but very worried about my skills and abilities to be able to be accepted to Sheridan. Or to any college at this point.

What I'm wondering is.. I do enjoy art and drawing (digitally, as well) but I have never done anything near animating. I have just drawn still drawings but have never done what you've stated in your article - character poses, layouts, etc.? Do you possibly have any advice for someone like me to improve my skills? To familiarize myself with animation? As well as maybe even increase my chance of say, if I were to apply for Sheridan College, being accepted?

Thank you so much, I would appreciate if you could help me!