Saturday, January 20, 2007

Drawrings o' Life

Here are a few of my life drawings from this past term. Life drawing [as it seems in most things involving any analog sort-of drawing!] is always a struggle for me. I always battle between letting the conte go on the paper and just feeling the form, and being too stiff.

I do see an improvement especially when I compare my life drawings from the beginning of last year, so that is a huge encouragement to me! I love it when something, even something tiny, finally clicks and I don't feel completely incompetent :) Studying all the muscles has helped tremendously as well, seeing the understructure beneath the figure.

I have also discovered NuPastel this year, which has been fun. It's more smudgy than conte, but there's something so tactile about drawing with it.

These ones range from 1-5 minutes in pose length.

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