Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Da Big Bull

Once again, I drew this big boy at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. We were just walking by and they had these guys tied up. I couldn't get over how massive they were. They had a few of them in a line, I think the smallest one was over 2200 pounds or some insane thing. They're fun to draw because they are already so massive, it's not hard to charicature them. This was another super quick drawing, maybe 3-4 minutes or so, 'cause there were a lot of people around. But as I have found, it's sometimes those that turn out the best!


Brad said...

3-4 minutes, eh???

You sit on a thrown of lies!!!!

If you drew that in 3 minutes, then I must the be the king of the castle. :)

Stacey Chomiak said...

What's a Christmas-gram, I want one!!

Hey, if you can quote Elf, so can I!


Brad said...

I like smiling, smiling's my favorite.