Sunday, January 14, 2007

Interesting couple at Winter Fair

I drew this couple at the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto. We had been there all day drawing animals and people, and as usual, I was exhausted from the pure A.D.D. of seeing so much and only being able to draw so little.

Tams and I decided to sit in on the rousing goat auction that was about to take place. Little did I know there were such interesting folk who were in the "goat business", if you will. They were both so intent on the goats at hand, they completely failed to notice I was frantically trying to capture their likenesses with my brush pen.

I actually liked this drawing when I finished. That is rare for me to say. I think it happened because I wasn't trying, and I had a whole day of drawing beforehand. Lesson in this: Don't try? Hmm.

I call them Jim and Dawn. Feel free to name them at your leisure. They won't mind.


csteingart said...

Umm... that's freakin' awesome. I can see major improvement from the summer, dang!! Keep it up girl, and stay cool.


Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Tophs!!! Means a lot coming from you, yo.

abby said...

STACERS! i meant to comment on these two people and name them! Vanessa and i name people all the time. I shall name them Mindy and Merv.