Saturday, February 10, 2007

Acting + lipsync, tougher than you think!

My first animation including full-body acting AND a line of here.

I finished it around 3:30 Thursday morning....or night....wait – what day is it??

I don't think this is my best piece of animation [he DID ask for roughs!], but I am really proud of what I learned from it. Sometimes the only way to learn something is to just do it, and it may not work out. But we don't get time to fix errors in this program! Poses vs. moving gestures....hmmm, you'd think making a drawing seem alive ain't all that hard - but it is! I hope to apply what I did learn to our next two lipsyncs...and hopefully be happier with the results!

'Sides...Kip should be fun to animate no matter what :)

It didn't help either than our schedule is so nutso....four other projects were also due this past week, which left about a day and a half for actual animating time, [not to mention going to regularly scheduled classes amid crazyness], to do the animation from start to finish.

Never again will I think 7 seconds is short - try drawing every frame out!! :) [It was about 100 drawings.]

Oh - and the voice belongs to Jennifer Coolidge. I love hearing her deliver lines, she makes me laugh. I plan to animate a line she did in the flick 'Best In Show', but this was a better line for my first crack at the cat.

And tired :)


brockorama said...

Found you STACEY! I think this works really well! Great hand gestures and Jennifer Coolidge is CLASSIC!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks heaps, Brock-o! This one was major rushed....I am hoping to get a bit more time on the next one, sheesh!