Friday, February 9, 2007

Life Drawing, with flair and a funny hat.

And clothes!

Yesterday was our first class this year of life drawing with costumes. We're learning how to draw drapery and folds of clothing and that sorta jazz....harder than you may think! It's one of those things you think would be easy to draw, but unless there's some logic to the folds, they look chaotic.

It took me the better part of the class to warm up and get used to drawing the figure all covered up [darn clothes!], but after I started having some fun and caricaturing them a bit, 'twas a grand ol' time.

Here's the few that I enjoyed. These are 5 min poses. I had some theme with first Captain Hook, then some madman with a hook, then hobos. Hmm. Ah well, I can't explain my mind!


Evans Family said...

Wow! You are so talented my friend! I especially loved the Kip as a turtle cartoon... that was a laugh out loud one! You ROCK!!! Love Nelia

Tammy said...

I love these!! Clothed people, who woulda thought? And they're so cute too.

I can never believe it when you say, "Oh, I drew this in five minutes... oh, this one - 10 seconds." Eek. I can hardly even draw a circle in 5 minutes.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Nelia and Tamzeo! Nelia - soon I will post Napoleon as a bird - they are such fun characters hey? :) Tamzeo - I'll bet you could definitely draw a square in 5 minutes though, right??