Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A few peeps at Starbucks.

A few nights ago Tams and I were at Starbucks, and I was enjoying a cinnamon-y caffeinated beverage... but also I was enjoying drawing the peeps that waltz in and out! So fun.

I love doing caffe drawings - there's no pressure, or deadlines, or thoughts of being perfect and getting a good mark...pant, pant.....

Just.... draw. Just try to capture some life. Just have some fun! That's why I honestly can't go too long before I do some drawings of my own, outside of all the school crazyness. That's what it's all about - have fun!

Pete Emslie reminded us this week in Char Design class of that very thing. [Thanks Pete!] With all the pressures of school and becoming better and work work work....we forget to HAVE FUN! 'Cause, after all, we ARE drawing cartoons - shouldn't it be fun? I know that when I remember that very simple thing, my drawings turn out better.

Next week is Spring Break [YAHOOOOO!], so I hope to get at least SOME time to do some fun jazz. I've been experimenting with caricaturing animals.....

Ack...speaking of deadlines and pressure....animation is due tomorrow!
My blue pencil is calling.


Tams said...

Don't worry Stace we will definitely do ALOT of fun jazz next week :) With ALOT of Starbucks coffee's along the way :)

mme b-berry said...

Stace, these drawings are AMAZING! Each one has a definite personality that comes through. I think I know that first must have caught her BEFORE she had her coffee!