Friday, February 23, 2007

Kip talks. The rough version.

PHEW what a craaazzzy week. Lotsa stuff due, namely animation on Thursday [the biggie] and a few paintings plus a proposal thrown into the mix.....

But it's now SPRING BREAK!!!!!!! WHOOO BABY!!!!!!!

Wait – Spring? Doesn't Spring mean flowers blooming? Skipping rocks on the water in my tshirt and cargos? Going for ice cream in mid-afternoon??

Nope. Not in Canada. I can't complain – here is much milder than Winnipeg, but there is still snow around, in which case that means to me that Winter is still here.

But what I DO like about Spring Break is... NO classes, NO deadlines, NO pressure!! Well, still a fair amount of work to do, but after a week like the one that just finished, lemme tell ya, not this weekend!!

Besides....the Oscars are on and that's my fav award show of the year!! [Esp since a previous Sheridan grad is up for Best Animated Short - woohoo!] And...of course....Ellen is hosting! Ya can't get any better than that. Really. Ya can't. I can't wait to do some fun Oscar sketching too.

ANYWAY. Sorry, I am carried off by tangents more often than I can count.... What was I saying?

Ah yes. Kip. Here it is. His line was only 4 seconds, which made me go YAY! But I stupidly added a few more seconds of his intro mumbling, which brought it to 10. Why, oh why, do I do that to myself. It was my longest animation yet. And I have to clean up every one of these for our next assignment. If I thought my hand cramped up this I have a treat in store.

Enjoy, geeeeezz.

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mme blueberry said...

Fabulous!! And Hilarious!! Can't wait to see the finished product!!! You are once again proving your amazing-ness!! You're something!!