Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Pixie-Lou, Version Two

This is that Acting character design assignment I mentioned a couple posts ago. I got back to my graphic design roots and had some fun with this puppy. I especially love the addition of her chicken-friend, Fred. Who wouldn't want a chicken-friend named Fred?? For reals.

It was supposed to look like a report that Pixie-Lou handed in to her teacher, on a burlap potato sack [since, of course, raw potatoes are her fav snack of choice]. On the back, her teacher has commented on the assignment [and her]....so it fills in her history a bit.

Go eat a raw potato.


Tamzeo said...

I love this presentation! The burlap is clever indeed. And your post used the phrase "For reals" so I am delighted as well.

Why do the letters say "Dear Mr and Mrs Newberry not Dewberry?"

Stacey Chomiak said...


Well, Tamzeo, this proves once and for all, two definite things.

1 - We never have enough time for these projects, and doing my proofreading at 1 in the mornin' just ain't gonna cut it all the time!

2 - Always get Tamzeo to proofread my projects.


Tams said...

I think I did have a couple chicken friends named Fred when I was young...for real.

Tamzeo said...

No, Tams... it's "for reals" not "for real"