Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beak ruff animation

PHEW, my second last animation for this year. And the one after this is just a clean-up animation of this one. SO....if I didn't like these drawings the first time around, I am sure as heckfire gonna love 'em the second time around when I have to draw every minute detail with a mechanical pencil.

I am happy with this one though, Napoleon's line was WAY more fun to work with - such ticked off energy, gotta love it. I think my fav is the shaking fists. It makes me happy. gotta sleep.


Tamzeo said...

It makes me happy too. Fun stuff! Great job!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Tanks muchos!! :)

mme blueberry said...

Positively BRILLIANT!! You were SO clever to choose Napolean and Kip all those months ago...hilarious!! Once again you AMAZE us with your very talented, intelligent and thoughtful creativity!And i'm nopt just saying this cause I'm your mother!!! You're
quite the Wittle! Hurry up and come home!