Monday, April 2, 2007

Mo' life drawrin'


It's Week 12, and I don't even know which way I am going anymore!!!!

Just finished my massive Western character design assignment... [which I practically killed myself to finish for today...and when I got to class I found out it was extended 'til Friday. Egad!!!].....

ANYHOO, I shall post those when I have some coloured up, I wanna spend some time on finishing them with colour and such, esp since I busted my butt on the designs and poses.

In the meanwhile [my new word of the day], here are a few life drawings from this past week. I think some of these might make my final portfolio [due this Thursday!!]. The first 3 are 30 secs, the last 2 are 5 minutes. Takes me a while to get into the colour frame of mind, but it's so nice when experimenting works!

On a different note - I love Spring in Oakville! No snow left for quite a while now, and we have enjoyed walking to Tims for coffee....aahhhh....any snow left in the Peg?

Ah, spring has sprung :)


Brad said...

it's snowing today..... :(

Daphne said...

I looooooooove sketches 1 and 3. I want them want them want them.

Too bad they're for your portfolio....

It's windy, dirty, and cold today.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Tanks Dapheroni!
Lemme know if you actually want copies of those.....perhaps I can arrange such a request.... :)

Blech. Windy, dirty and cold.
And is it still snowing too???

We just got back from a nice walk to get a coffee again.

I hope in 3 weeks all the snow will be gone at home!!!

Daphne said...

Well, actually if you gave me an original I would frame it.

Maybe this summer we can all go to figure drawing together occasionally.

I have a girlfriend who wants to start drawing again too. So, maybe we'll be able to do some group outings.