Sunday, March 18, 2007

Zoo pics galore!

We finally made it to the Toronto Zoo on Thursday [YAY!!], and even though it was rather nippy, we managed to see a lot of awesome animals!

Tams and I met a fun young dude named Dan at lunchtime who worked at the zoo, and he offered to take us "behind the scenes" at the pavilion he worked at. OBVIOUSLY, this would mean prime pics for future drawings, so how could we say no?! As you can see from one of the above pics, I wasn't aware he meant "risk your life with this large snake and poisonous gila monster I shall wave in front of your face"... but it was worth it! We got to see a 3-week old baby monkey get fed up close, so that was definitely worth the price of admission!

Besides the tour, my FAV were the orangutans! They are awesome!! I could have sat and drew them all day. [Why can't Winnipeg Zoo have orangutans??? I must have a talk with them this summer....]

Sketches to come!


Brad said...

The pics look like so much fun! I want to go to the zoo now. I especially like the picture of the big, mean looking orangutan. I kinda want to befriend him and then play wrestle with him. I can't wait to see some sketches!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Yeah, Tams wanted to bring him home :) I know though, he is awesome!! Dreds and all :)

Tams said...

I could just picture it Stace; Me driving, you in the passenger seat dancing, and him in the backseat :)