Friday, April 13, 2007

Background for Beak, Napoleon

Phew, finally finished this wonkified background for my beak animation [Napoleon]. I wanted something fun and graphic-y and Bugs Bunny-esque... it's actually quite difficult to do a proper wonky style!

Extra thanks to my painting teach, Mike, for his expert wonky advice on this! I am thinking perhaps I might re-cleanup my animation in Flash to colour it and get a nice vector-ish line to match this background....hmmmm....summer promises to be full of experiments in creativity!

I cannot wait.
Can NOT.


mme blueberry said...

This is so fun and kooky! Sort of like Mickey and Minnie's homes, but more kooky than it!
Once again, a totally awesome job...does your brain ever smoke from working overtime? You'd look awful in singed hair!
Don't forget New York!!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Momsy!
And no...singed hair would not do me justice, Tams is making sure of that!! :)
I won't forget NYC!!! One week Monday!!

Daphne said...

N.Y. again??????????

I am soooo envious! I need money! I need time! I want to go too!

And...I love the wonky perspective. Well done. I know wonky!

I expect to learn some new artsy things from you this summer...


Stacey Chomiak said...

Yes Daphers, we shall share in the artistic knowledge this summer! Yay summer!