Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two Hobos and a Baby

Here is our last storyboard of the year! Wowza! [That's my own title for extremely original!]

We were given the scenario and character descriptions, and we had to board the scene. And there was a "no tone" rule with this one, only linework. I cheated on panel 1....[insert evil laugh here]

One more painting assignment to go, and Second Year is officially over!


Brad said...


1.) For some reason, even though it wasn't colored or anything, I found the baby to be RIDICULOUSLY cute.

2.) I felt really sad for Fred when he had to leave the baby but then he gave him his toque. It was...touching.

3.) Then I laughed when Fred asked to get a dog. This made me happy!

(and I can't believe you cheated on your assignment...*shakes head disapprovingly*)

Stacey Chomiak said...

Well lookie there, all the necessary emotions were present for you when reading this storyboard - woohoo!

That makes me happy.
And I love that I was able to use the word "toque". Us Canadians can never use that one enough!

mme blueberry said...

Terribly terrific job, Stace; with your talent and imagination, you could significantly improve the current Sat, mornings for a lot of kids...and maybe a few older than kids who still enjoy cartoons!!