Friday, May 18, 2007

Clara concept

So I had all these intentions since I've been back in the Peg.

I thought, 'Hey, I'm back, I'll have TONS of time to do stuff for myself, paint, draw, write, strum, what have you! I shall do it all!'


Fortunately enough though, I've been going insane with tons of freelance, which I cannot and will not complain about! [Doing fun designs and getting paid? Sign me up! Plus I'd like to return to school in Sept and not have to hitchhike my way there :) ]

BUT, as I always do, I have made many lists. Freelance projects, fun projects, songs to learn on guitar, movies to see, types of cake to's all there! And I plan to do it all. Or - well, as much as possible. Life always has a way of turning out completely differently than you plan. But as I have been doing thus far, I shall enjoy it all!

On one of my many lists, I wrote that I wanted to further develop my Western characters I created for my last character design assignment at school. I was really happy with how they came out, [I worked my butt off on them!] so I wanted to take them a step further.

I have been working on Clara, my heroine, [she's tomboyish, and she's happy about it], and I hope to get some time at the lake this weekend to work on her. Aaahhhhh....gimme a coffee and my tablet and some tunes and leave me for a good long while. Here's one of the poses I plan to develop further, I really like the feeling of weight in it. She was super fun to draw, I just had to keep it goin'!

A further post, post-weekend.
Happy long!

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