Friday, May 11, 2007

New Yorkin'

I finally got a quick chance to put up some pics from my most recent trip to NYC with my pops. It was a grand time, as always! We saw Phantom and Stomp....ate lotsa fun food...saw a lot of amazingly interesting peeps...good times!

This pic makes me laugh - it's my Vogue pic. My dad took it accidentally - I was smiling at the people beside me because they were about to walk in front of the camera, but it actually looks like I was doing a big pose. Sometimes the mistake pics are the best!

If you feel led, check out some more pics here:

Click on the last link to view some of the pics from our trip.
More sketches to come from the Big Apple!

1 comment:

Brad said...

Oh man...all these pictures from all these New York trips make me want to go visit New York.

And your Vogue pic reminds me of a young Bob Dylan; perhaps its the eyeglasses, perhaps its that look on your face that says "I'm damn cool and I know it."

Oh one day I'll have the time and resources to visit places and do stuff......