Thursday, June 7, 2007

Ernie on da street

This is Ernie. As soon as I finish a sketch, I know their name. But not until then. I drew him a couple nights ago whilst Tams and I were watching the Stanley Cup finals.

Well, okay, she was watching, I was pretending I knew which team was which. [Although I AM miffed a Canadian team did not win, even though the American team had more Canadian players!!!.... but I digress.]

I was just gonna post the sketch of Monsieur Ernie... and [as I tend to do] got distracted and started colouring him... then I thought, 'Hey, what would it look like if I threw a real pic behind him?'. This is a pic I took the last time I was in NYC.

Just havin' fun experimenting!

Now I bid y'all adieu [all three of you] as I embark on a long weekend venture all the way down South to Ye Olde Grand Forks. Here I come, Target! [Or Tar-jay as some peeps like to call it.] I prefer T-dot-get. It sounds so posse-ish.

Peace out!


Tammy said...

Ernie in NYC! I love it! He looks so fun, and the background fits perfectly - you did a great job meshing that in. Just like when they put animated characters into the audience at the Oscars... I know you are practicing for that!!

Yuriy Sivers said...

Very nice blog!
Halifax is going well soon i'll post more pictures.
Hope you have a good summer!

Yuriy aka "Godzilla" aka "that dude"

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Guyzers!

What better material than NYC and a dude named Ernie.