Tuesday, June 12, 2007

TerraFrog Clothing Corp.

The concept sketches

The final artwork

This is probably my biggest freelance job that I've been working on since coming home from school. I didn't post anything earlier due to trademark issues, but my lovely client gave me the go-ahead to post away. It's been great fun working on this job, I wanted to share :)

Here's the low-down:

> A client hired me to design two logos for her new yoga-inspired clothing company, called TerraFrog Clothing Corp.

> I did a sketch per her request to do a cartoony-ish frog, sitting in a yoga position on the earth, and to come up with a smaller logo that will go on the clothing

> The crawling dude is what will go on the clothing, and the other one [we named him Norman] goes on everything else... water bottles, tshirts, business cards....etc

It took a while for me to convert the sketches to the exact kind of vector logos I wanted. So [for all you artistes out there] I sketched them in col-erase, then traced over them in Sketchbook Pro [to get the thick and thin], then converted those to vector in Illustrator. I had to do a lot of finicky playing around with the lines to get them just right, but it always looks so nice once it's done.

It also took a while to figure out the right colours and font... but here are the finals as far as right now. It'll be exciting to see some actual clothing samples!

Check out the TerraFrog line at www.terrafrog.com!

In conclusion, frogs are fun :)


Brad said...

Love the clothing logo. LOVE IT!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Merci buckets!!

Daphne said...

lovvvvvvvve the clothing logo too. Remember when aligators were theee big thing?
My kids will want something with the cartoonish logo.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Yay me glad you like, Daphers!

A-course you and the kiddies will have to have some of the frog shwag :)