Friday, June 29, 2007


This film is so delectable, I barely even know where to start.
It has got it ALL.

Story... clever and meaningful. Well thought out with great pacing.

LOVE the character designs. The short angry chef... awkward hero...adorable rat characters - made the main rats have their own design, yet look like they're from the same family... spindley tall and creaky food critic nemesis.

Animation... amazing. The facial expressions on so many of the scenes... wowza. And the physical animation acting was superb. LOVE the scene where Linguini is sleeping and Remy is controlling him to look like he's awake. Genius.

And WHO doesn't LOVE the fact that they let two animators - Lou Romano and Tony Fucile [Pixar geniuses in their own right] voice both Linguini and the health inspector, respectively. I LOVE that they cast voices for the CHARACTERS... not for the pop culture weight they carry.

Oh and all the palpable textures of the worn out wood... the grimy pots and pans... or the rats mangled hair and Linguini's hair on his chin... not to mention the amazingly beautiful skyline of La Paris... aaahhhh....

The 2D credits at the end were definitely worth staying in the theatre for... if ONLY to read at the end their '100% pure animation, no motion capture' guarantee. Take that, Happy Feet.

Did anyone else notice that the first human character at the beginning - the old lady - was one of Pixar's early characters from the famous short of the man playing chess? Classic.

Genius, 5 huge massive stars and thumbs and all the rest.
And I love, love, LOVE the short at the beginning. Who knew an alien learning how to levitate a human could be so dang entertaining.

Thanks for the huge batch of inspirato, Pixar Peeps!


Brad said...

Amen to that, sista!

Judi said...

It was so fun to see this awsome movie with you, Stace! FINALLY...a movie that totally shows what Dad and I have been saying for ages...Rats are smart, sweet, adorable and make very affectionate and wonderful pets...well, domesticated rats, that is. Now we're looking forward to our next new ratties; they'll be dumbo boys...Otis and Buford...can't wait! Could be an animated short in their antics for you, Stace! :)Mom