Thursday, June 14, 2007

Watercolours on a hot day

This is a Takin. He looked lovable and goofy. And his best friend is a barrel that he pushes around all day.

We all know Llamas. Don't they just look either stoned or bratty?? Gotta love 'em.

Today's Vulture of choice was the Rueppell variety. Your standard ticked-off bird with a crazy bendy neck! Fit for drawing.

Today Tams and I headed off for a day of drawrin' at the good ol' Winnipeg Zoo. Hey, there's no orangatans, or Mr. Sub... but there are a lot of cool animals! And the gate fee is cheaper - who could ask for anything more?

It was a lovely hot and sweaty day here in the Peg, but we managed to stick around the zoo for a good 6 hours and these 3 watercolours are my favs from the day. Ahhh.... I love the tactile-ness of a paintbrush in your hands.... the sweat on your forehead [well today anyway].

Animals are so fun to draw! They don't pretend to be happy seeing you, they don't care who you are, they are just what they are. But each animal tends to have a personality right-off. These guys were fun to draw! I love da paintin'.

Next time with my paintbrush perchance I'll brave the lions, tigers and even bears!
Oh my.


Tams said...

I still think we should have taken the Takin home! I think him and Buddy would have gotten along quite well. I think he was adorable. We will have to go back and visit him soon. BTW your drawings were awesome today, you captured each one in an amazing way.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Tams! Thanks for sticking out in the hot sun with me!! And holding all my drawrin' utensils :)

Pete Emslie said...

Hi Stacey,

This is what I like to see - a more caricatured approach to drawing animals from life. I'd like to encourage you to try some more of these, maybe several sketches of each beast to explore the "perceived" personality more thoroughly. Please be sure to show me this stuff when you're back at Sheridan in September. I hope you and Tams are enjoying your summer break! Take care,


Stacey Chomiak said...

Hey Pete, thanks a lot!

Yep, I definitely try and caricature the animals from life, but it does take a while because you have to do a bunch of sketches to figure out the animal normally before you can caricature it!

I'll definitely try more of these next visit to the zoo. And I'll be sure to hunt you down in September!

Thanks for checking in, I always appreciate your comments Pete!