Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hooray for HippieWood

So one of the lovely eclectic aspects of being a Winnipegger, is that we have many diverse music and art festivals during the summer. One that I have been meaning to visit, is called Folk Fest. It's just outside the city in a huge provincial park called Birds Hill.

They set up massive tents for a "food village", coolio little shops, and of course the stages for all the rockin' bands. Most people drive up and camp for the weekend; a lot of people drive fair distances to experience all things Folk Fest each year. Apparently this year drew more than 45 thousand peeps. Whoo!

We went specifically to see the Indigo Girls perform, but we were also treated to a few other acts before them who ROCKED, including a newish one called The Duhks.

And many of the festival-goers happen to be of the hippie persuasion. Since neither Tams nor I had experienced it before, we were looking forward to the music, checking out the scene, and of course, I was looking forward to drawing the hippies!

As you can see from above, they did not disappoint! Awesome music, a perfect hot summer evening, a few thousand peeps gathered in the heart of the prairies, and a perfect chance to test out my watercolour moleskin.

Now THAT'S summer!

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Brad said...

Aw man...I wish I could have gone. I could have been on of those pasty white, shirtless, out of shape, swaying spastically to the music people.

Oh well, I'm glad someone go to enjoy it (and I DID just see the White Stripes!). And you're pic of the two people dancing encapsulates how I've always envisioned Folk Fest to be like.