Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Musical Interlude

So, I know this isn't a drawring or painting or graphic creation of mine – but I was sittin' here at my computer, bopping away in my seat and playing air guitar to a few newly purchased CD's [one of my main addictions, along with coffee and funky-esque hats], and I was reminded of something.

Music is a HUGE part of my world. I try to play guitar a bit each day, but I definitely listen every single day to some sort of score or fun little ditty or jazzy tune. And it is a MAJOR inspiration to my life, and my art. I feel like music runs through my veins; it's a big part of who I am.

So here's a few of my favs that are spinning on random in my iPod. [This is by NO means a comprehensive list...] Meh, I can't help but share the love of the tuneage!

Stay tuned for a post with birthday-infused fun.
27 is a gonna be a good year, I can feel it. :)

Just four fun fellas. Great arrangements, lotsa fun.

Let's get this straight - SCORE, not soundtrack. Always score! It's not done by John Williams... but I will make an exception. A fresh insightful score by Andrea Guerra.
Me loves it.

Chris Tomlin never fails to deliver some rockin' good times with his guitar. His newest is definite enjoyment.

The third time I picked up this album to sample it, I finally bought it.
They're of the Rascal Flatts persuasion - a good ol' time!

Ah, Bebo. What kinda name is that anyway? Who cares, in my opinion, sounds like his best album yet. The dude is insightful.

Another score. SCORE. Every store always had the soundtrack only... we finally found it at the ridiculously large Virgin Music Superstore in NYC. I think they carried every album ever recorded in the history of the world. Twice.

I love this chick, I did from day 1. If I had my way to make my own album [and if I could sing] I would make an album like this, with a slight Jennifer Knapp/KT Tunstall infusion.

Oh how I love Ms. Griffin. Her lyrics, her style, everything, love it. She's my fav to listen to whilst painting.

If I could have taken a different career path other than animator.... or backup dancer... or rocker chick.... or member of STOMP..... it would have been a DJ. Mmm-hmm.

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