Sunday, August 19, 2007

Popcorn & Root Beer

All summer I have been trying to set aside some time to design a couple paintings that would go together as a set... and that would have a sort of 50's-ish tin sign look. I love all the retro-ish stuff, and I love popcorn and root beer, so voila!

Took me what felt like 100 years designing them with all my A.D.D. ideas and variations before I got to the painting stage, but here is what I finally came up with. Since I have sold a grand total of one paintings, I perhaps might see if I can find a buyer for these puppies.

These digi pics won't do the colours justice, but ya get the idear. In any case, I had fun with them!

I tried to go with buttery colours...mmm....

I love canvas for the wrap-around capabilities. More fun.

I had a heck of time getting the right "root beer" brown, but I think I got it in the end.


Brad said...

The popcorn one turned out fantastificent.

csteingart said...

I like how the type wraps onto the side of the paintings. They look like they belong in the summer kitchen.

Have a good trip!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks yo!

Me likey the type wrap too.

Tammy said...

Love 'em, Stace!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I fell upon your blog..because I have two cockatiels named Popcorn and Rootbeer...I was curious to see if it posted..and came up on your site.
gailintosh is my blog spot.