Sunday, September 2, 2007

Road Trip Findings

So... currently Tams and I are up to our eyelashes in boxes 'n things at the new digs here in the land o' Oakville, but I needed to take a blog break and share with the 5 of you out there who read this on a sorta-regular basis, some interesting findings on our road trip from Winnipeg to Oakville.

First off, just 'cause I love it and it makes me smile, here's a pic of my crazy family taken the day before I left to return to school....

....dontcha love how Mom is the only "sane" looking one?

And now, for some findings during our recent road trip...

Firstly, signs. I welcome any comments on the following!

So, this route is getting rather familiar to us, even though the 23 hour trek never gets shorter! The roads are better since we go through the States, however, this time I kept asking out loud, "WHAT ARE PASTIES??!!!" Throughout the US, [I think we mostly hit Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin], we saw signs for them EVERYwhere. Did they forget the "r" or what?????

Ah, Rita. Well, we noticed this sign "Pray for Rita" in Wisconsin during the first time we drove this route. We marked it on the map, and since check that it still stands. And not only does it stand, but every year there is a bigger, more professional sign in its' place!! Who IS Rita, and what should we be praying for??? I am willing, but I would like a tad more info!

Secondly, nature jazz.

Well, the upside to getting up so early that you are on the road by 6 AM – watching the sunrises! I think this was taken around 6:30ish am. Pertty.

Ya know, fog can be kinda scary sometimes! Somehow we ran into majorly thick patches of fog, [this was taken soon after the aforementioned sunrise], and the windshield fogged up so thick we couldn't even see for a few seconds! Ah, lovely when you're going 75 miles an hour on a highway. But the pic turned out cool!

Thirdly in our findings, tunes.

Since it's fun to radio-surf [a new term I just coined, you are free to use it at your leisure] during a cross-country trip, ya never know what will come through the airwaves! Sometimes, interesting polka-rap, or country [hey, I like Rascall Flatts! less twang....], or fidy-cent and his buddies, or elevator classical......

BUT, sometimes there's a gem that pops up and you're like, "Oh! Who's that! I love that!!" That happened when we first heard a new groovy guitar-driven ditty by up-and-comer chickie Colbie Caillat called "Bubbly". Check out that link to her site, you can sample some of her tunes. I love it!!!

I heard it again last night when we were in Oakville, so I blared it in the car, rolled down the windows and let the fresh air help me greet a new school year.

And now, the boxes are calling.


Brad said...

Stacey Chomiak said...


Well okay then.

I'd rather have a pastry.

Pete Emslie said...

Hey Stacey,

As I can see from that photo, your Mom is a very attractive lady and your Dad is a cartoon character. Looks like you got the best of both their genes!

Seriously, a really fun family photo, Stace. It's nice to see that you've got some wonderful, loving folks there to encourage you in your animation pursuits. I look forward to seeing you and your classmates back at Sheridan this week.


Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Pete!

Well, besides my parents both being fun and cartoon-ish [my dad and I are almost clones of each other], they are both muchos creative, so I am very blessed to have their genes indeed!

Lookin' forward to seeing you and everyone else this week as well!

Daphne said...

I got a good chuckle at the family pic. Especially, because I knew your mom would keep it straight (my mom would too).

And I feel refreshed from reading your post. I had a great time with you and Tammy this summer. Super fun hanging out and shopping.

Don't you remember seeing the pasties at Folk Fest? Except the women's ones were called masties. You're so cool yet naive...I love it!

I hope you have a really awesome term Stacey.

Stacey Chomiak said...

I did not know about the pasties/masties thing at Folk Fest!

And yes... I am naive. How can I still be at age 27???

Ah well, I think I always will be.
Cool? I'll leave that up to my peeps to decide :)

I had fun this summer with you too Daphers! There's always time for d-girl :)

Tammy said...

Have a fab school year, Stace. When life gets crazy and you don't know what to do, my one word of advice is this: pray for Rita.

Stacey Chomiak said...

LOL, Tammers!

Good advice, I shall remember that, definito.

Jewels!!! said...

Hey Girl!
I love the Colbie Caillat song! I had no idea who it was until now!!! Great minds think alike! Miss you tons... 1/4 of the FAB 4 BABY!!!!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Hey Jewels!!!

Thanks for the comment Girlie! Good to hear from you! Yeah, that song rules, I keep listening to her tunes, she rocks!

Fab 4 foreva, baby!!
Love ya! :)