Sunday, September 23, 2007

Ottawa Animation Fest 07!

We just got back tonight from a fun-filled weekend adventure at the Ottawa Internationl Animation Festival! It was my first time there, both for seeing the city and attending the festival. Ottawa was really beautiful and funky, it reminded me of a combo between Toronto, Winnipeg and New York City. Lovely!

And the festival was great!! I really lucked out, this year they were doing a 4-part tribute to the awesomeness of UPA animation, which is my FAV... so I got to screen a lot of Mr. Magoo that I had never seen before! Another major highlight was the Disney workshop where we got to meet and greet with the directors/animators who worked on the new Goofy short. Crazy cool.

In between all the walking and screening, I found some time to do some sketchin'... see above.

Here are a couple pics – good times at the festival!

A super cool chalk artist dude. We gave props.

Alysia and I outside the first venue on Friday night.

Tams in front of some shwanky parliament buildings, it was near one of the major screening venues.

Me being attacked by a giant spider. A typically normal day at the animation festival.

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Judi said...

Glad you guys had such a great time...tho seems things got quite dangerous by the look of that giant spider...hmmm, you didn't seem quite that relaxed when you were on the phone to me long-distance, scared spitless by the spider in your room who was looking at you and jumping when you moved!! You've certainly gotten braver! Good on you!
Your cafe drawings are brilliant!