Thursday, September 20, 2007

Mo-cap Penguins logo

I did a quick logo for our group film studio; we named it Mo-cap Penguins. As in, motion captured penguins. This would be humorous if a-you are in the animation field, b-sort of loathe the mad amount of motion captured that is done for every animated film lately, and c-realize how many animated films star motion captured penguins.

If not a, b, or c.... it's a penguin logo!

If Tracers reads this - isn't is ironic that it stars a penguin Trace?? I should have suggested we call it Chomper....

Good times! :)


Judi said...

Hey Stace...LOVE the penguin logo!!
Your graphic design talent shines on!! Very cool!

Brad said...

Call me slow, but I JUST got this joke. It was today when watching a video on the new Madden football game when they were doing Mo-Cap and I was all like...."Mo-Cap....where did I hear that recently...????"