Saturday, September 8, 2007

Red Carpet, TIFF-style

So, since I successfully completed my first week of 3rd year, [yahoo!... 13 more to go this term!], Tams and I thought we'd take a jaunt downtown last night to check out the star-gazing haps for the TIFF. [Toronto International Film Fest]

I would be lying if I didn't say the main reason for our visit [if you ask me] was to see if I could catch a glimpse of Ms. Jodie Foster who apparently arrived in town Thursday to promote her new flick The Brave One. Having been a fan since her Freaky Friday days, I would have had a stroke if I saw her!

However, we found out we had just missed her, as she was out-and-about on Thursday evening. Drats. Foiled again!!! Ugh, see pics.

Downtown was all a-buzz, and we happened upon the red carpet being rolled out just outside of MuchMusic, where Hillary Duff was giving an outdoor carpet. So, needless to say, it was madness!! Reminded me of NYC... but we had an interesting front row seat for a red carpet eve [they apparently are having them throughout the entire film fest], and did some shopping along the funky shops on Queen Street.

I came home with some interesting pics, a funky art book and a new sketchbook, so I cannot complain!

Tams outside of Much! Red carpet and Duffgirl's stage being set up.

At the edge of the red carpet where the limos were dropping off the celebs.

Front row to the camera action... that cameradude was so happy!

This is for my momsy - she loves Ben Mulrooney, right Mom??? [He needs a haircut, seriously.]

This dude is soooo familiar. I have seen him on numerous films. His name escapes moi.

Snake! Anyone remember Degrassi Junior High? Oh, classic Canadian TV.

Don't have a clue who these guys are. But they were cuties.

I haven't kept totally up with Cdn Idol, but here's one of the finalists, Brian Melo.

Finalist numero deux, Jaydee Bixby. Is he 12????

Zach, one of the judges... he's a Winnipegger! Look at his face, he's happy about it too.

Chantal Kreviazuk, another Winnipegger! But one who can ACTUALLY sing.

Oh, that's me! I didn't sign any autographs.


Pete Emslie said...

Here's our generation gap showing, Stacey, as the only celeb in there that I recognize is the one you don't know! That's Canadian actor, Colm Feore, who has been a fixture at Stratford for a number of years, as well as having gained additional fame on both TV and the big screen. He famously portrayed pianist, Glenn Gould, in "32 Short Films About Glenn Gould", and did a marvelous job playing Pierre Trudeau in a TV two-part miniseries called simply, "Trudeau". So now you know!

Stacey Chomiak said...

Oh, Pete. Touché, my friend, touché! I must say that I pride myself on my knowledge of all-things-celebrity-ish... until now.

You have definitely told me on this one! I did, however, think that his name was Colin something... and I suppose Colin is close-ish to Colm. Shouldn't that count for something???

Thanks for the enlightment, Pete! See – we can help each other to bridge the generation gap! Works for me :)

BTW - hope your first week went well! Ours seemed to have gone rather smoothly, it shall be a good year methinks!