Monday, November 19, 2007

Leafs vs Senators!

So Tams and I were fortunate enough to get free tickets to go see the Leafs play the Senators on Saturday night at the ACC in downtown Toronto! It was both of our first times being at an NHL game, and it was grand fun!

I thought I'd have tons of time to sketch, but I actually found myself getting into the game and the time sped by! [Albeit we did have awesome seats, so it helps when you can actually SEE the puck!]

Here's a couple sketches I did do during the intermissions... the first one I just sketched out of my mind 'cause there was this dude a few rows behind us [I couldn't see him] but he seriously just kept yelling YOU STINK to the refs, or random players, it make my laugh uncontrollably! What kind of insult is that for a man to yell??

BTW, the Leafs won 3-0. Great game!

A couple guys sitting around us....

The latest caricature of Tams [she is a constant guinea pig, lucky girl!]

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Brad said...

"You Stink!" is actually one of the more intelligible insults to be heard from a Leafs fan.