Sunday, July 6, 2008

Snippets of Inspirato

Firstly, a sketch and a snapshot.

I deem this dude Ed. I only caught a glimpse of him as I was driving through the Fisher-Price campus returning from lunch. I think he is a gardener on the grounds, and he paused as I drove by. His whole persona and expression just struck me, I had to immediately run back to my cube and sketch him. He makes me happy. :)

This was taken during a jaunt to one of the lovely Western NY parks - this one even having sculptures scattered among the green beauty! I loved loved loved loved it. I would love to retreat there daily. It is instances like this that I wish the whole "beam me up Scotty" thing was a reality! But because I cannot, I shall stare at the pics and pretend.

I can't believe I have a mere 5 weeks left here in Western NY. I realized this morning whilst I was chatting on the phone with a friend, and they asked if I was excited to come home, that I am going to miss everything here! I think that snuck up on me.

Isn't life just like that sometimes? I think all of us "human-folk" resist change. Eeww, cringe, NO, change?? Why, why change? I like knowing where to go, who I will talk to, what I will do, no, don't change it!

But then when we allow ourselves to let the door of change swing open, and we walk through it - not knowing really anything about what we are stepping into - there are always rewards. Always. Albeit, tough times of adjustment and discomfort too...but isn't that what makes you feel alive, really? Who wants to get comfortable in a rut? Isn't it almost worse to let yourself feel that numb autopilot, than to be invigorated with the fear of having no flippin' clue where are you headed next?

All of my rambling is leading to one thing: at first I really found it hard to adjust being out here. Being away from everyone and everything I knew. But I really tried to get as much out of each day that I could - and almost more importantly - put as much IN to each day as I could!

And I am really feeling the rewards of that now. I can honestly say that I am truly enjoying being out here, meeting the people I have and experiencing the things I have thus far. I am truly blessed, and I can't help but share that. I can only hope to pour some of that gratitude and positive experience into my film next year. If I can communicate even a snippet of that, I believe my film will be a success.

Life is too short. Find a way to enjoy your moment - now!


zenny1313 said...

while you are probably at sculpture Park,incredibly beautiful and bizarre sculptures,I could also suggest you go visit Lechworth State Park,and just up the road, proximately 40 minutes,in other beautiful state park to go visit which is about an hour from East Aurora would be Stony Brook State Park,they have a 1 mile long hiking trail cut in to the side of ravine,if you love outdoors in nature you'll definitely love the loose to state parks.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Hey there Zenny, thanks for the suggestion, I will DEFINITELY see if I can get a chance to visit Lechworth. It sounds amazing. Thanks for visiting!